Our Favorite Drain Cleaning Tools

We’ve all been there. Looking down at a sink or bathtub full of water. Or worse, frantically trying to stop an overflowing toilet from ruining our day. Nothing can be more exhausting than the untimely discovery of a clogged drain. But what tools should you use to tackle a troublesome drain? 

Joe Cool offers a full range of services to meet your home’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a local plumbing service in Pinellas Park, FL, or HVAC professionals, Joe Cool is happy to provide you with quality workmanship at a reasonable price.

Here are some of our favorite cleaning tools to tackle those nasty clogged drains:

The Plunger

Tried and true, the plunger remains a go-to tool for consumers when facing a clog. Easy to use and affordable, plungers offer the first line of defense against drain issues. Plungers create suction within the drain pipes with the use of repeated actions of pressure. If used properly, a plunger can quickly clear minor clogs from sinks, bathtubs, and toilets.

The Snake

When a clog is too tough for a plunger, the next option is a snake. This is most likely a job for a professional plumber.  The snake is a flexible auger inserted into a drain opening and sent through the piping system. As the auger moves through the pipes, it rotates, catching debris that is causing the clog. In more severe cases of a drain blockage, a specialized drum auger may be used. Drum augers can cut and shred obstacles within a pipe.

The Water Jet

Sometimes a clog won’t budge. When encountering a situation where a plunger won’t get the job done and a drain snake can’t be used or does not complete the task, plumbers often use a motorized water jet. The water jet consists of a high-pressure hose with specialized attachments or nozzles. The jet is used to force water through a drain system to clear the pipes of blockages. The use of water jets has been gaining in popularity in both residential and commercial applications.

Whatever the source of your drain clog, Joe Cool is here to help. As leading local plumbing contractors in Pinellas Park, FL, we have the experience and resources to quickly fix your clogged drain. For more information about our wide range of services, contact us today!

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