Joe Cool’s Commitment to the Community

Many of you are aware that Joe Cool Home Services is a premier leader in the Plumbing and Air Conditioning services sector. What you may not know is that we are also committed to our local community. Without their support and our eagerness to give back, our company wouldn’t be as successful as it is today! 

As a leading provider of local plumbing services in Pinellas Park, FL, and the surrounding area, we’ve dedicated multiple initiatives to support our local communities. We are working on a program to donate meals to the homeless on a monthly basis  as well as additional support for families in need over the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

Yet, perhaps the most touching story we’ve recently been a part of is that of Ms. Mamie’s. She was facing rising utility costs as a result of an issue with her home. As a mother and grandmother, Ms. Mamie was facing a heavy financial burden trying to take care of her family and keep up with the bills. That’s where we came in!

Getting the Call for Help

Not long ago, we received word of Ms. Mamie’s problems with her water bills. There had been an increase of $5,000 yearly for the municipal water supply. After the initial examination, we determined a significant leak had created the problem. Once we determined the location and extent of the problem, we sent in a team to fix the leak.

Going Above and Beyond

Following the repair of the leak, the technicians did a thorough inspection of the entire house. It was discovered that there were serious issues with the plumbing throughout the home. Almost immediately, Nate and Zack, two of our plumbing techs, began the replacement of the existing plumbing with Uponor piping. Uponor is the latest in plumbing technology, which guarantees Ms. Mamie has a trouble-free water supply for many years to come.

Requesting Additional Support

Problems persist for Ms. Mamie’s home. Our technicians have discovered other issues in the house that need to be addressed. We are calling on the community to come together and offer support to Ms. Mamie and her family in their time of need. With the responsibility of raising a family, Ms. Mamie is already facing many challenges. Through community support, we can help improve her living conditions and uplift her family.

As a local plumbing contractor in Pinellas Park, FL, and home services provider for the surrounding areas, Joe Cool is dedicated to giving back to our community. Without the support of our residents, our business would not be where it is today. Join us in making a difference for those in need. For more information about helping Ms. Mamie, please contact us!

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