Start No Sweat Summer By Scheduling an AC Service

Although summer doesn’t officially begin until the summer solstice (which falls on Saturday, June 20, this year), it feels like our favorite season has already been here for a while. In Florida, summer unofficially begins at the end of April or early days of May when temperatures soar up to 75 degrees and beyond. If you live in Pinellas County or any of the surrounding communities, and you feel like you’re melting, just know that you’re not alone. This week alone has us wishing we could skip work for a cool dip in the sea. 

But we intend to start summer right and so should you! Take part in our “No Sweat Summer” event by scheduling your AC service today!

When Should I Schedule My AC Maintenance?

The best time to schedule your AC service is during the spring, preferably in the early weeks considering how quickly the temperatures rise around here. You want to have a professional HVAC specialist tune-up your air conditioner before it begins working overtime to keep your home cool and humidity levels low. This way, you can enjoy powerful unit performance and incredible energy-efficiency all summer long. Plus, most HVAC companies are not terribly busy during this time, so they are more than happy to work around your schedule. 

What Happens if My AC is Not Serviced?

Your air conditioner doesn’t just provide relief from the muggy outdoor temperatures. It also traps dust, dirt, and other indoor contaminants to circulate clean air throughout your home. However, just as air pollutants are harmful to your health, they can also be harmful to your AC unit. 

Without proper service, your air filters and coils will get clogged with debris, trapping the cool air inside and causing insufficient airflow. When your house doesn’t get as cool as you’d like, will you suspect a dirty filter to be the culprit? Probably not! You’ll just lower the temperature on the thermostat and force your air conditioner to work harder. 

What’s also important to remember is that your AC is working nonstop throughout the summer, maybe even during some of the spring and fall seasons too. You can’t expect your AC unit, no matter how new or energy-efficient, to not experience any wear and tear after that. An AC service will eliminate signs of wear to bring your air conditioner back to optimal condition, avoid expensive home AC repairs, and prolong its lifespan. 

What Should I Expect from a Joe Cool AC Service?

Simply put, you should expect the highest quality services from a qualified and friendly team of AC specialists that prioritizes your safety, time, and satisfaction. With Joe Cool Home Services, you never have to worry about getting subpar repairs. Our company is committed to quality in everything that we do, from the Gulf Beaches to the entire Tampa Bay area.   

We understand that your life is filled with prior commitments, so we make sure that our AC technicians arrive at a convenient time, prepared, and ready to perform your inspection in a timely manner. We’ll be sure to examine every inch of your indoor and outdoor AC units, so no wear and tear or abrasion go unnoticed; we work to minimize the chance of unexpected breakdowns all summer long! Your air conditioner will keep you comfortable throughout the whole summer!

Start your “No Sweat Summer” by scheduling an AC service in Pinellas Park and nearby regions with Joe Cool today! Click here to make an appointment. 

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