The St. Patrick’s Day Guide to a Green Home

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Those of us who are planning on being part of the celebrations have already planned out everything that can go green: clothes, food, drinks, and our homes. That’s right — even your home can go green! We mean this figuratively, of course. 

You’ve always wondered how you can keep more green in your wallet without compromising the comfort of your home. After all, nobody expects Florida homeowners to survive the days without an air conditioner or a smooth plumbing system. The answer to getting maximum performance out of your HVAC and plumbing while saving on your energy and water bills, respectively, is efficiency! The more efficient your unit is, the less it will cost you to run. So let’s learn how to make your home a little greener together. 



Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance: By now, you should know how important maintenance is to the efficiency, performance, and lifespan of your AC unit. Every home appliance you own starts to wear down from the very first use. The more you use it, the faster it will deteriorate. How worn down is your air conditioner after it’s been running all day and night long for months at a time? No wonder it’s not working as well as a brand new unit. 

The only way to ensure your AC unit is running at peak efficiency is to schedule your annual service. We’ll take care of everything that is impeding its performance, from cleaning dirty mechanisms to refilling low refrigerant levels to fixing broken connections. If your AC requires a repair, we’ll let you know exactly what component is damaged and how it’s affecting performance. Better yet, we’ll offer you a $25 discount for all repairs that cost $200 or more. Now, that’s a great deal. 

Let the Air Flow Freely: Cooling your house down may be as easy as rearranging some furniture if you have a central AC unit. Central air conditioners use vents to supply each room with cool air. When these vents are blocked, the air is trapped inside the vent with no way out. Take a walk around your house and check to see if all your vents are open, unobstructed, and allow the air to flow freely. 

Plug that Leak: When you’re in a car with the AC blasting, is putting the windows down a good idea? No! You’ll let all the warm air in! Your house works the same way.

When your home doesn’t get as cool as programmed, you probably place all the blame on your air conditioning unit when the real culprit may be an air leak. Air leaks are cracks and gaps in your home’s construction that affect the insulation. While you’re working the AC as hard as you can, all the cool air is escaping outside through these leaks. Get a professional sent to your house to check and repair any air leaks you might have. 

Say Goodbye to Your Old System: Do you know the age of your current AC unit? If your air conditioner is quietly celebrating its 15th birthday or getting close to it, it’s time to upgrade

Although your old air conditioner is getting the job done — as in, your house is as cool as you want it to be — it’s also working twice or three times as hard as it did when it was a brand new unit. That means it’s consuming more fuel, more energy, and more refrigerant to provide you with the same amount of cool air as before. 

Why pay for frequent repairs and high-energy consumption when you can just install a brand new unit instead? At Joe Cool, we offer high-efficiency air conditioner installations for all residents of Pinellas Park, FL, and beyond. With the help of a Joe Cool expert, you can pick the brand, model, and size of your replacement. No matter which AC unit you choose, you can rest assured that you’re becoming the owner of an energy-efficient appliance with high SEER and EER ratings. With your brand new appliance, you can save on your monthly bills while staying cool all year long. 

Ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day by making your home (and wallet) a little more green? Give us a call, and we’ll be happy to assist you with any air conditioning or plumbing installations, services, repairs, and more!


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