How Homes Can Benefit from Heat Pumps

Technology has progressed rapidly over the years, providing us with significant advancements in the HVAC industry. One such advancement is a heat pump, the modern heating system that homeowners can’t wait to switch to. Heat pumps are unique in that they don’t have to burn additional fuel besides electricity in order to provide heat. Using advanced technology, heat pumps use outdoor air to produce warm air inside the home. In the summer, this process is reversed. Once you learn all the great advantages heat pumps can provide to your family, you’ll immediately call us for heating installation in your Pinellas County, FL, home. 

Dual Cooling-Heating System

The greatest advantage of owning a heat pump is that it acts as a cooling and heating system! That means you don’t have to purchase, install, repair, and maintain two separate systems because your heat pump can be used year-round to keep your home comfortable. Heat pumps work best in temperate climates, especially places with mild winters like Florida, which makes this system perfect for your home. 

Best Efficiency Available 

Heat pumps have great overall energy efficiency!  Instead of burning gas or oil to provide enough heat for the whole home, heat pumps use electricity to move cold air from indoors to outdoors, and vice versa. This alone increases its energy efficiency, but the climate it operates in also plays an important role. 

Consistent, Even Heating

When you use a furnace or boiler as your primary heating appliance, sometimes you’ll find that your home is being heated inconsistently. You don’t have to worry about that when using a heat pump. Correctly-sized heat pumps are known for providing homes with uniform heating. 

Improved Air Quality

Heat pumps circulate indoor and outdoor air, which significantly improves the consistency of temperatures in the home compared to base board or stand-alone heating elements. Furnaces and boilers, which are normally fueled by gas, always pose a risk of carbon monoxide contaminating indoor air. Seeing as heat pumps run on electricity, you’ll never have to worry about a carbon monoxide leak circulating in your home. 

Great Cost Savings

With great energy efficiency comes great cost savings. It’s true that heat pumps have a slightly higher initial cost, but this investment pays for itself over time as it saves homeowners money on those days when heat is required. Not only can you see potentially lower energy bills, but fewer pieces of equipment means lower maintenance and upkeep costs. 

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